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“Viacom’s holistic approach to wellness meant we wanted to provide employees with the knowledge they could implement in their work lives to achieve a healthier lifestyle. One area of focus was nutrition. After a social media search, Corinne’s page was found. After initial discussions, we worked with Corinne to cater to the company’s need and how Corinne could work towards increasing our employees knowledge on Nutrition. The workshop itself was a huge success! We had glowing feedback on the practicality and simplicity of the information shared. The hand-made snacks that were bought in to share were the highlight of the workshop. It was clear that the effort Corinne had put into her presentation and cooking, really paid off with our employees. She helped communicate a simple message of living a healthier lifestyle, motivating employees to make healthier food choices and be conscious of what they’re consuming, all while enjoying their favorite foods in moderation. I would highly recommend incorporating Corinne’s workshop into any company’s wellbeing program, to ultimately give your employees the knowledge and inspiration to live a healthier life”

Shannon, Viacom International

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